Praise for Teachers Who Tutor | NYC:

“Joe knew exactly what my teacher was asking for and what the assignment question was trying to convey. I’m thrilled someone finally taught me how to write!”

— a tenth grader at Collegiate

“I can’t say enough fabulous things about Benjie. His students are all truly blessed. What an incredible person and gifted teacher. My son only wishes he could be home schooled in math by Benjie who can explain in one session what the teacher has covered in a week!”

— mother of a St. Bernard’s seventh grader

“Ms. Freireich is the perfect combination of kindhearted and brilliant. She changed my daughter’s whole perspective on school.”

— mother of Spence sixth grader

“There’s something magical about Caitlin. Not only have [my daughter’s] scores sky-rocketed, but she looks forward to their sessions together.”

— father of a student prepping for the SSAT

“I trust Brian to make sure my son gets through ninth grade achieving, confident, and in one piece.”

— mother of Dalton high school student

“Liz is the most caring, perceptive teacher I’ve ever met. At the end of her second session with [my son], she diagnosed what had been confusing him all month, explained the rule in a simple way, and gave him sample questions to answer for their next meeting together. Finally, [my son] stopped being scared of Spanish class!”

— the mother of a ninth grader at Dalton

“[My son] looked forward to every meeting. I’d never seen [him] smile so much while doing math problems.”

— mother of a St. David’s second grader

“Abby takes all the stress out of studying. She’s a treasure.”

— father of a Grace Church School fifth grader

“Mr. Platzer was able to help both my son and daughter study by themselves and feel academically successful. He is gifted with kids and we are lucky to have his support.”

— mother of Columbia Prep high school students

“[Brian Platzer] is an amazing helpful teacher. He relates to us and creates a fun interactive learning environment”

— ratemyteacher.com

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